Moving abroad

Moving to another country often comes with a lot of stress and time constraints. We can take away your concerns when it comes to the transport of your animal. We can arrange the moving of your animal from doorstep to doorstep. We fully understand that you only want the best for your beloved family member.

What can we support or guide you with?

• Health documentation.
• Overnight stay(s) in our facilities or animal boarding house before the flight.
• Advice throughout the whole process.
• If possible, the booking of your animal on the same flight that you will be taking.

Animal breeder?
Are you a breeder and do you regularly have to transport animals abroad? Then you have come to the right place! We will transport your animals to their future owners.
Which service and support can we offer you as a breeder?

• Making reservations with the airline.
• Providing an appropriate kennel for transportation that meets the IATA rules.
• Road transport service.
• Vet assistance for the required health certificate.
• Requesting an import permit, if applicable.
• Legalisation of the health declaration with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.
• Overnight stay in our facilities prior to transport
• Correct delivery to the airline.
• Reservation of the quarantine. This is not applicable to every country.
• Delivery to final destination (doorstep to doorstep) at the desired address in the country of destination!

Would you like to receive more information about all our options? Do you have a different situation and are you curious about what we can help you with? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise and guide you.