Good preparation is key. It is very important to start the preparations in the early stage.
What should you consider? First of all, the requirements of the county of destination. Most countries have different requirements. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the requirements that are applicable to your situation.

What are the costs of preparation and transport?
You can request a free quote on our website or you can contact one of our employees by phone or email. We are more than happy to help you!

When the preparations have been made and the date of the transport is confirmed, you can arrange the booking via our website or directly with one of our employees.

We are happy take away any concerns that you might have. We will arrange that the transport will go as efficiently as possible and according to your wishes. During the process we will provide you with the necessary information and planning by email.

Your animal is ready for transport! We will ask you first to email us all necessary documentation for verification and to store it in our file. After we receive your animal, it will be placed in our facility or it will be taken directly to the airport for departure. The captain of the aircraft, on which your animal is booked, will be notified of the animals that are traveling on the flight in question. The area where your animal stays during the flight is heated and well ventilated. During the flight, your pet will be left alone. The sound of the engine is the same as in the passenger area. Most animals sleep and rest during the flight.

Your animal’s reception in the country of destination
As a recipient it is important that you are aware of your responsibility as soon as your animal has arrived at the airport. Make sure you are well informed about the procedures that must be followed at the airport. This may concern processes at the aviation and handling companies, the Veterinary Service and/or customs . If requested, we will support you or the recipient.