Arranging a trip for your pet is not easy. It can happen that you get overwhelmed. That is understandable! It is often a real hassle to get the right information. Fortunately, at Animals To Fly, we have the up-to-date knowledge that is required to create tailor-made travel advice for you!

Do you have questions such as:
• What should I prepare for if I want to emigrate abroad with my pet?
• What are the veterinary import requirements that apply to the country of destination?
• Should my pet be quarantined?
• Are you a breeder and do you sell abroad?
• I have work and police dogs and want to transport them to the new owners abroad?
• What requirements do airlines have for the transportation of pets?
• Are there embargoes for pets to certain destinations?
• Can I take my pet with me as excess luggage or do I have to buy my pet its own ticket as freight?
• Who will book my pet with the airline?
• How does it work when I arrive at the destination?
• Can I arrange travel insurance with you?

Then contact one of our employees! We are happy to explain which documents you need and what you need to prepare for. We will explain the entire process and provide support throughout it. We work with most reliable airlines. That way you can be sure that your animal travels safely!