The correct papers and the proper adherence to regulations and procedures are important. If the veterinary papers of your dog or cat turn out not to be in order at the airport, this can have unpleasant consequences. In the worst case scenario, it can be decided to detain the animal in question. This means that the animal is put in quarantine until it has the documents showing that the animal meets all health requirements. Local customs can also choose to return the animal immediately. Your pet will then be returned to the Netherlands on the first available flight. The local authorities (customs and/or veterinary service) can only euthanise the animal if there is a serious reason. Customs Border security will charge all additional costs to the owner of the animal.

Taking your pet yourself?
Do you want to take your pet with you as excess luggage? You can still use our expertise. For instance, we can draw up a veterinary planning schedule for you. As far as we are concerned, your arrival will then go smoothly.

Booked a trip through us?
Have you booked your pet’s trip with us and would you like comprehensive assistance? It is a nice option to leave the annoying and complex import requirements of a certain country to us. We will then arrange all the complicated import requirements of the country, where your animal is going to, for you.

Is your animal only allowed to enter with an import permit?
The country of destination may require that your dog, cat, or other animal must obtain permission prior to entering the country. We can mediate in applying for a so-called “import licence/permit”.

Is quarantine required?
Different rules apply for each country. Your animal may need to be quarantined in the country of destination. We are in contact with the quarantine stations. In addition, our reliable agents can be hired all over the world for local assistance!